APTA (Asosiasi Profesi Teknologi Agroindustri)

Asosiasi Profesi Teknologi Agroindustri (APTA) or Association of Agroindustrial Technology Profession is Indonesian society of those who have a main interest and knowledge field on agroindustrial systems engineering, technology and management. APTA was declared on December 16, 2010 by 7 (Seven) national universities in Indonesia including Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas Udayana, Politeknik Industri Tanah Laut, Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Universitas Bengkulu and Universitas Lampung. Up to date the membership was enhanced more than 10 national and private universities/institutions including Universitas Jember, Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata, Universitas Trunonojoyo Madura, Balai Besar Litbang Pasca Panen Kementerian Pertanian, Univ. Thribuwana Tunggadewi Malang and Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret.

The mission of APTA is to conduct the more qualified networking in the fields of agroindustrial systems engineering, technology, and management through education, research and social responsibility, and build up cooperation with national and international related institutions.



“Agroindustrial Journal” is an official journal of APTA. “Agroindustrial Journal” publishes research in agroindustrial systems engineering, technology and management. The subject matter of the journal reflects the specific range and interdisciplinary nature of research in engineering for agroindustrial systems.

The journal publishes original papers, and review papers based on topics including Production Systems, Industrial Systems and Management, Quality Control, Standardization, Simulation and System Analysis, Waste Control, By-product Treatment and Bioindustry. Papers may report the results of experiments, theoretical analyses, design of, or innovations relating to, machines, processes or processing methods, equipment, experimental equipment, laboratory and analytical techniques and instrumentation.

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